fredag 20 maj 2016

Boyz production line

I figured I'd complete a whole squad of boys before going back to the trukk I begun building.

And you all get a picture if my well sorted airbrush booth :p

Hoping to have them done by the end of the weekend. Bases and al.

tisdag 17 maj 2016

Detailed shot of the Deffkopta

Here is a detailed shot of the finished Deffkopta.

Going to do the bases for the koppta,  squig and begin on a few more later this week.

Next up is a Trukk for the upcoming tournament the 29 of may.

söndag 15 maj 2016

Deffkopta post wash

Been a slow day painting but I got some paint on the Deffkopta I started on yesterday.

Post/mid wash. Freaking fun model to paint to! 😁

lördag 14 maj 2016


Short and simple.
My next model is the first Deffkopta.
Missing is missiles but I'm too lazy to do anything about it. It works on willpower alone. Ork style 😎

Black primer

Ledbelcher metal

Flash gitz yellow

Ice yellow.

All done with airbrush as you can see. 20min job tops including cleanup.

Bombsquig v2.0

Not satisfied with the squig I made highlighted the skin some more.

What do you guys think?

Bombs(quig) away!

Took a break from the Killakan, or rather the base to it,  in lieu for the a bombsquig.
Love the model!
Some fast painting.

Fetching the Ork bits at the post office later today then I'll start making a base for the killakan.