lördag 25 augusti 2012

Daemon princess of the sky

Got some paint on my flying demon prince/princess at last.
At this stage al thats left to do is highlight the red, the skin and do the base.

This far in satisfied with the result.

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torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Flamers of tzentch

One of 3 new flamers almost done. As usual I tend to take the photos in poor light conditions but there it is.
Got the base to do and some touchups.

I'll try to write the two battlereports from earlier this week tomorrow.
I got some pictures of that to but as always: hold on, they'll be up soon

War out!!

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tisdag 21 augusti 2012

Battlereport 1999pts Daemons vs Eldar

Yesterday was a gamenight vs Eldar

I ran my old daemons:
* Karios oracle of tzentch
* Lord of change, boon of mutation

* 2x3 flamers
* 5 fiends

* 2x10 bloodletters
* 5 horrors + channeling
* 15 demonettes

* flying demonprince, mark of tzentch, breath of chaos
* soulgrinder, phlegm

Eldar was something like this:
* Eldrand in waveserpent with direavengers
* direavengers ho waveserpent
* falcon with fugan and 5 diredragons
* fireprism
* 2x3 Eldar bikes
* 5 pathfinders
* 3 artillery of some sort

The game was with the Fantastia fanatic rules, www.Fantastiaweb.se, and the mission was killing fields I think it's called. Dawn of war and Killpoints that is

Eldar got first turn and boxed up real good in a coroner as seen in the first picture. He reserved a few units.

My turn one I got my preferred wave so al my greater demons, demon prince, soulgrinder, 10 bloodletters and fiends dropped down in his lap. Karios got misplaced due to a deep strike mishap and the Eldar player wisely enough put him way of on the other side of the board.
Then out came the breath of chaos and made the artillery take a panictest, failed and ran of the table. 
The faithweaver turned a guardsman into a spawn with boon of mutation and that was my first turn

Turn 2 also known as the game turn of the Rulebook. Lots of questions about everything but we cleared it al up.
The firedragons killed the soulgrinder but just about now that it gets a 5+ invulnerable save due to new rules ho the game rule book.
He shoot and shoot and shoot at my flyers but only managed to get one wound of my demon prince, then shooting up 7 bloodletters with the prism and thats about it

My turn 2 I got al of my remaining units in but one flamer unit got deep strike mishap and got delayed.

The major question this turn was my spawn and the movement and assault part of it. It's ruled a Beast but with random movement. Very very good and I'm gonna have to build a few of them thats for sure.
Lots of shooting as said but the main deal this turn was my fiends that split charged the prism and firedragons. Killing the prism and cutting down one dragon. He put al non rending saves on Feugan, 2+ save, and saved them al. Both units fearless so it's a stand of.

Turn 3 he jumped in his transports and turboboosted across the table but nowhere to hide.
The few units he had left did what they could and did it just ok.
Another draw when the fiends and firedragons had a dance of but I used hit and run to get out of the fight and open them up for my flamers that was close by.
Shooting took out the fire,dragons, some pathfinders in the corner and close in combat  10 bloodletters vs and direavengers exarch was on match for the blood thirsty demons.

Turn 4 Eldar desperately had to get some killpoints in and tried to kill of my 2 wounded flamers with missilelauncher shots and mindwar from Eldrand. The shots got saved and I I denied the witch on mindwar. ( my second 6 to deny the witch this match haha)

My turn 4 I shoot up the last direavengers, jetbike and to top it of I turned Eldrand the Eldar to a spawn haha.

Game set and match. Demon win and it was a big one.

Conclusion of this game was that demon  flying momentous creatures are a thorn, shovel, foot and a tank in the eye if you dont have anything with skyfire to take them out.

Demons have jack squat in the psychic defence department.

Fearless is to die for. No moore extra wounds if loosing close combat!!

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söndag 19 augusti 2012

Daemon update

At alast the Faithweaver and the Bloodletters are done.

As a friend said when he took a look at them "you got the friendliest looking daemons there is"
Haha I agree totally.
I'm gonna work on a list for a upcoming game this wednesday against the necron menace

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fredag 17 augusti 2012

lord of change update

I got some more paint on the model last night and this morning.

I have the base and source lightning on the eyes and hands to to next then it's done :-D

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The lord of change

Yupp 2 armies to work on wasn't enough so I took up the old demons again. Just have to try them out now in 6th. Fearless!!! What to say :-Dthe skin and wings are done but have to do the rest manually with a brush. 
Oh yeah wings and skin are airbrushed, chocker!!

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Necrons for sale!!

It's time te get rid of my metal friends.

I haven't set a price yet but here are the pictures of the army

What I'm selling:
Lord on foot
20 tesla immortals
33 warriors
18 scarab bases
3 spyders
4 destroyers
5 wraiths
Annihilation barge
Command barge

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Wolfguard made from sm legs, warriors of chaos torso and back, head and both arms from grey hunters kit. Easy enough.
I'm just waiting for the grey stuff to harden then I'll get a backpack on the model before bringing out the airbrush.
I bought a new compressor that I'm anxious to try out

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söndag 12 augusti 2012

Space Wolves, Dark Angels and Chaos terminators al in one

I keep on with my space wolf side project and it's getting to where I want it to go for once.

As the title reads I'm mixing the 3 armies, not codex wise but with bitz.

Logan made from chaos terminator legs, body from forge world wolf guard and so on. Dark angels will be represented on the base.
Painting it tomorrow!!
(and fixing up al my misses with green stuff haha)

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fredag 10 augusti 2012

More terminators

A few guys I painted up last night.
Just the head on the Sgt and the bases to do. Looks ok I think.
No golden demon but ok :-P

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torsdag 9 augusti 2012

Tyranid... no Terminator

I've been al up in my Nidz bubble for a while now but after searching trough my bitz for some missile launchers for his SW Long Fangs we found 30 or so terminators.

I took out my precious airbrush and got to it:
* Vallejo ink Black ink base coat
* Vallejo Air medium sea grey first highlight
* Vallejo wolf grey second highlight
Those 3 steps are al done with the airbrush. Following steps are done with a brush

* Everything green is done with Vallejo Scorpion green
* The white steps are done with Citadel Rakarth flesh

* Shade/wash step is done with Citadel Badab black

Final steps:
* A fade airbrush is applied to the  power claws with Game color Lively green

Al done.
Took me some 30 min or so and I'm pleased. I'm going to paint a few termies to support my Imperial Guard

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tisdag 7 augusti 2012

Flying Hive Tyrant

Work in progress. The model is a reused model I bought from a friend a while back.
I ran in to some problems when I ran out of monstrous creature devourers but read at a site I could create my own using termagaunts devourers and crushing claws from the Carnifex kit

The result is right there but need some more greystuff on the guns then it's of to painting it


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Tyranid mycetic spore painted in 27min

Yes there it is. I timed myself when painting my last 2 pods.
I used black prime spray and let it sink in really good before letting the airbrush rip.

The first picture is the different stages.
* Right - Vallejos Air cam. black brown
* Middle - Vallejos Off white
* Left - Vallejos scorpion green

The second picture I added Vallejos Air black to get the feeling of extreme heat when the pod drops trough the atmosphere

There you have it. I'm pleased with the result and the best part is that it's fast!! Ha ha

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torsdag 2 augusti 2012

Tournament Tyranids

Hi there. My name is Ola and I live on the second floor. Eh no not really living on the second floor.
Been sick, again, so no hands on 40k for a while.
Alot of thinking on the other hand and the upcoming Fantastia Fanatic tournament coming up this october I think made my head spin some

Tyranids is the army I'm going to play most likely but you folks that know me know that I "might change my mind" 

The list I want to try out is:

    * Hive Tyrant (285pts)
        Hive Commander (25pts), Leech Essence, Paroxysm, 2x Twin-linked Devourers with Brainleech Worms (30pts), Wings (60pts)

        * 2x Hive Guard (100pts)
        * 2x Hive Guard (100pts)

    * The Doom of Malan'tai (130pts)
        * Mycetic Spore (40pts)

        * 10x Termagant (50pts)
    * 10x Termagant (50pts)
        * 10x Termagant (50pts)

    * Tervigon (200pts)
  Catalyst (15pts), Cluster Spines, Dominion, Onslaught (15pts), Toxin Sacs (10pts)

    * Tervigon (200pts)
        Catalyst (15pts),Cluster Spines, Dominion, Onslaught (15pts), Toxin Sacs (10pts)

    * Tervigon (200pts)
       Catalyst (15pts), Cluster Spines, Dominion, Onslaught (15pts), Toxin Sacs (10pts)

    * Harpy (170pts)
        Twin-linked Heavy Venom Cannon (10pts),

    * Carnifex Brood (190pts)
       2x Twin-linked Devourers with Brainleech Worms (30pts)
        * Mycetic Spore (40pts)

    * Carnifex  (190pts)
                     2x Twin-linked Devourers with Brainleech Worms (30pts)
        * Mycetic Spore (40pts)

There you have it.
The base tactic is simple:
Keep the tervigons and termagaunts in a bubble with hive guards close to them and claiming objectives while the harpy and hive tyrant fly around shooting and vector strike things out while the pod Carnifexes and Doom get behind the enemy putting some pressure on the opponent.

The psychic power choice is Biomancy of course for al but the doom that uses the "pick one enemy unit within 12", roll 3d6 subtract the Ld of the unit and the difference in score are wounds with no save"
A nice combo to have on Doom ;-)

What do you folks think?

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