torsdag 28 februari 2013

Dark angel: ravenwing ready for battle

6 bikes ready and one land speeder ready to go.
(poor pictures I know. My bad )

Next up is 6 more bikes and an attack bike is up next.

I'm also waiting for a friend to send me a drop pod and a dreadnought. Looking forward to painting them to.

Well work time. Laters

måndag 25 februari 2013

Dark angel: Ravenwing update

So how is the painting doing?
Well 9 down just 24 bikes, 3 attack bikes, 3 landspeeders, the nephlim flyer, Samael,a drop pod and a dreadnought to go haha.

Al this to do before April something.
I'm building my list for the Fantasia Fanatic 1999pts tournament.

I'll try to get one or two games in this week to. Ally the already painted ravenwing to an ig force.

Game on folks!

söndag 17 februari 2013

Dark angels: Ravenwing 1995pts

As promised here is a draft of my ravenwing army I'm putting together.

Samael on jetbike

Ravenwing commandsquad. 1 grenade launcher

Dreadnought. multimelta + dreadnought power fist
Drop pod

6 units of 6 bikes. 3 with dual meltaguns, 3 with dual plasma guns.
Total of 4 attackbikes with multi-meltas

Nephlim fighter


3 land speeders with 2 heavy bolters each.

I think thats it.
Plan is to keep the Darkshroud near the bikes obviously.
The landspeeders in the rear pouring out 18 S5 at 36"

The bikes doing what bikes does best: speed around the field picking out target after target.

Here is my first ravenwing speeder by the way

Roundup of the week

The great unclean one watches over the battle field called Pa'int Stat'i'on.

This week I painted the bikes you see on the ledge of the paintstation.

You can also see the beginning of my second pair of obliterators.

One of my 3 landspeeders starting to get a first layer of paint to it.

Finally my grey knight terminators for my IG army.

Dark angel wise I bought enough bikes to finish my army. I'm just a Samael short of 1995 pts.

I'll post the army and thoughts of it later today

Peace out!

söndag 10 februari 2013

Dark Angel: ravenwing bikes

As written yesterday I'm working, amongst other, on a ravenwing heavy army.

Here is one of my bikes.
Funny enough I like the dark vengeance bikes much better then the ones you buy in a 3 pack.

Hope you like the work I put into it. And yes the gritty look is deliberate ;-)

lördag 9 februari 2013

The prodigal son returns....

Well I did anyways haha

This post is dedicated to the work I've done sense my last post.
It will contain grey knights, chaos space marines and dark angels

First of, chronological order, is the chaos space marines.



After that work I had an idea of allying grey knights to my imperial guard idea. Mainly the ghost knights.

Then after another time of illness I bounced back with a vengeance painting lots of dark angels.


One of three land speeders

There it is folks.
My dark angel force will be shit load of bikes, land speeders and more bikes haha

Got my parents in law visiting this weekend so the hobby will be put aside for the time being. I'll be back soon :-D