söndag 17 februari 2013

Dark angels: Ravenwing 1995pts

As promised here is a draft of my ravenwing army I'm putting together.

Samael on jetbike

Ravenwing commandsquad. 1 grenade launcher

Dreadnought. multimelta + dreadnought power fist
Drop pod

6 units of 6 bikes. 3 with dual meltaguns, 3 with dual plasma guns.
Total of 4 attackbikes with multi-meltas

Nephlim fighter


3 land speeders with 2 heavy bolters each.

I think thats it.
Plan is to keep the Darkshroud near the bikes obviously.
The landspeeders in the rear pouring out 18 S5 at 36"

The bikes doing what bikes does best: speed around the field picking out target after target.

Here is my first ravenwing speeder by the way

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