måndag 31 december 2012

Chaos space marines: Obliterators update again

Some more work on my obliterators conversions.

Getting there.
Bases and a smoothing layer of white then I'm done.

Chaos space marine update: Obliterators

Here you got my two obliterators. They are working out just fine and are pretty cheap to make ;-)
Alot of painting left but well. Happy new year

lördag 29 december 2012

Creative or just cheap

I want at least 2 obliterators in my Chaos space marine army. Looked em up at a few online stores and came to the conclusion that I wanted to build them on my own. 2 reasons. 1: I want my CSM army to have a heavy influence of loyal Space marines. 2: damn those obliterators are expensive haha I won't be able to build the coolest models but they will be cheaper. My base is an old terminator I used to run in my Deathwing army years ago. Recycling you know...

This is the build pre-green stuff

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tisdag 25 december 2012

Chaos alliance vs Space Wolves

So after a long long pause from gaming I finally got me a match against my favorite player to play against.
Why I like to play against him is because he things in a way I´m not used to i.e makes it a real challenge to

So to the game itself

I put an Chaos space marines and Chaos daemons alliance to the table.

3x 20 zombies
7 Plague marines  with 2 plasmaguns and champion with gift of chaos. Al in a rhino (chimera on the pictures)
7 Havocs with 4 autocannons. (The pink marines are the autocannons)
Forgefiend with hades autocannons and a plasma upgrade (the Tervigon in the pictures)
Helldrake with Baleflame (Vendetta in pictures)

Blue scribes (A necron destoyer in pictures)
The Masques
15 horrors with Changelling
6 screamers
6 Flamers

Space Wolves
From memory I get:
3 longfang units with 5 Missile launchers in each
15 man Blood claws with 2 flamers and a Wolfpriest with Saga of the hunter
Rune priest with divination
Grey hunters
5 man strong Terminator wolf guard
2 Razorbacks
I think thats that but you will see in pictures if I forgot anything.

The mission was 6 objectives but the worth of them hidden until first player plays.
We got the tricky setup (you see in the pictures) and night fighting.
Line breaker, first blood and Warlord was secondary objectives

Al pictures are taken on top of every game turn. I know I should have taken one at set up and the rest at bottom of every game turn. Lesson learned but bare with me
I had won the dice roll for who starts the game. He stole the initiative
He held the blood claws, Wolf priest and 2 units of Grey hunters in reserv.
I held 20 zombies and of course the Daemons started of table.

First turn was pretty lame killing wise due to the night fighting. Half of Typhus unit died due to massive missile launcher frag shooting. Al would have been dead if not due to night fighting and their wonderful feel no pain.
He held his ground with everything but the razorback moving up to use his searchlight to light up my forgefiend. The Grey hunters moved closer to my lines as well.
Forgefiend with the awesome Daemon rule (5+ invo save). More of that to come.

My turn was equally unimpressive. Killing one or two Grey Hunters but al zombies, plaguemarines and forgefiend pushed forward.
Oh  I watched the picture after typing this.
Not that unimpressive. My Horrors almost scatterd of the table  but just made it.
My Screamers (of picture sad to say) landed far left and did their "drive bye" on the Long fangs top left leaving one wolf guard and one missile launcher alive. Awesome!

Space Wolves turn 2
Like an annoying insect most long fangs aimed at the Screamers. So did the Grey Hunters boosted with the primaris divination power (re-roll to hit) but i took my 4+ cover saves like there were no tomorrow.
Only 3 Screamers died.
The Long fangs in top of picture AND the Razorback with twin-lascannon fired everything at my Forgefiend. there might even have been some stones thrown to.
What glanced and penetrated I pretty much took al but one of my invo saves. One hull point lost.
The Blood claws entered the battle from far right in the picture. Spreading out as much as possible hoping my Helldrake would not come from reserves.
The killed one of my Havocs.

Daemon alliance turn 2

None of my reserves showed up....
Yes I forgot my 20 zombies to ha ha.

I continued my advance with everything. Typhus Plaguezombies went to meet up with his Lonewolf, Typhus joined the Plaguemarines instead.
Forgefiend was trapped between a rock and a hard place but choose to face the Blood claws, Plaguezombies advanced toward the Wolf Guard Terminators.
My screamers on the far left had a new mission and that was the big unit of Longfangs.

Shooting oh so important shooting.
First of Typhus cast Puppet master on the Grey hunters and the Rune priest missed the deny the witch roll.
The Hunters unable to control themselves aimed at the Long fangs with everything they got. Pulverised them due do my friends insanely poor saving. Some 6 failed on 3+ out of 10 saves or something like that.
Something else shoot at them to and they al died.

Space Wolves turn 3

Things were at the tip of an edge at this point. Witch way would the game go..
He rolled for reserves and got a 10 man strong unit of Grey Hunters, 2 meltaguns,  in putting them top right behind the hut.
The lonewolf moved up to charge the Plague marines. The unit consisting of the Runepriest and the lone Grey Hunter split up and moved to assult the flamers.
Terminator Wolf Guard continued moving towards the plaguezombies and Forgefiend.

Shooting. The combined fire of the Longfang and wolf guard top left and a split fire from the other Longfang unit took my Screamers out.
The rest of the Long fangs and razorback continued shooting at the Forgefiend. He continued to hit, rolling poor for penetration and I saved the ones that came trough. Al but one.. 2 HP down one to go.

The Lonewolf didnt make it to the Plague marines

Chaos alliance turn 3

Reserves. Everything but my zombies showed up.
The Masque and the Helldrake took position to fire at the Blood claws
Flamers landing i a great position hoped for the Blue scribes to get good Pavaane of Slaanesh rolls on the nearby Grey Hunters when time came.

My zombies took aim for the Lonewolf, horrors moving toward the top left objective and to get the Blue Scribes and Changeling into position. Far right zombies took position to assult the Blood Claws OR the Wolf Guard terminators. A huge mistake I made but well there it is.

Blue scribes hit with Pavaane of Slaanesh..  how far? dice hopping and rolling on the plastic table..... 6.. I pee a little and my friend mutters something like "what the freaking fudge" ok I censored it a bit.
I made a very nice cone infront of my flamers and they killed every Grey hunter but one.. and the Rune priest.
Typhus cast Puppet Master on the Long fangs on the building near his table edge.
No deny the witch so I split the fire so that 3 missile launchers shoot at the Grey hunters far right praying to the dark gods while saying "focused fire". I needed 3 kills to get him to take a morale test.
The other ones shoot at the Runepriest but did nothing.
Back to the Long fangs and Grey Hunters story.... 3 hits... wounding on 2s.. al wounded and they died..
We almost forgot to roll the morale but he did in the beginning of his turn 4.. leadership 9... roll of 11 i think.
They ran of the table... frustration clearly showing on my opponent and I sure cant blame him.
Dices were not his allies today.

The Maseque shoot 3 times with Paavane of.. at the Blood Claws to be sure to hit them. Hit she/he did but only some 3" but its better than 1.
The Helldrake shoot and killed 4 Bloodclaws, Forgefiend killed another 2.

Plaguezombies assults the Lonewolf and the zombie-sergant mumbling something about a challenge.
He dies, hard fast and not very nice at al.

Space wolves turn 4

He got his last reserves in. Razorback with 5 grey hunters in it. They entered taking position to shoot at the Forgefiend.

He moved his 2 longfangs  to claim an objective.
The Runepriest and Grey Hunter split up and lined up to assult the flamers.
Wolf Guard Terminators lined up to assult the Plaguezombies and the Blood claws went after the Havocs.

Shooting. Bloodclaws shoot at the Havocs killing another one.
Pretty much the rest of the army shoot at the Forgefiend. Missing and I saving EVERYTHING!!! The Forgefiend was truly blessed eeeh.. well.. truly favoured by the Chaos goods today.

Hes WG Terminators assulted my plaguezombies. My zombie sergant shouted challenge (as I have to do)
The Blood claws made it a short story with the Havocs.
He did actually try to split charge into the Forgefiend to but he wouldnt have been able to keep coherency so well the Havocs died as written. He rolled some 2" on the post assult move. (i forgot the word :s)

The Lonewolf died due to yet another poor saving session of my friend.

The Grey Hunter and Runepriest assulted the flamers. Making the Grey Hunter assult first and take the overwatch punishment. He did.
The Runepriest killed of one Flamer with his deamon slaying weapon (always wonding on 2+)

Daemon alliance turn 4

Moving and reserves
I put my Helldrake in Hoover mode, took position and hoped that the Masque would hit and roll high with her/his Paavane of Slaanesh roll.

My Forgefiend took cover behind a huge tree so that the Longfangs couldnt see it.

Oh!! I rememberd my plaguezombies and they came in from reserves bottom right in picture heading for the objective.
Horrors moving up to take out the remaining Longfang and Wolf Guard near the far left objective.
Zombies, Plaguemarines and Typhus advanced in the middle.

 My Forgefiend shoot up the Razorback that came from reserve.

The Masque hit with Paavane and well.. a 6 came up so I put them al in a perfect cone for my Helldrake to shoot at them.
EVERYBODY was hit. Killing everybody but the Wolfpriest... insane combo.. and dices to..

The lone Runepriest kills another Flamer and the WG Terminators kill of a bunch of zombies.

My Forgefiend recovers a hull point due to It will not die.

Gameturn 5

After discussing a bit we call the game with me having first blood, line breaker 4 of 6 objectives.

Post game:
To sum up the game in big.
My goal with this match was to put Typhus, Plaguezombies, Forgefiend and Plaguemarines to the test.
The Forgefiende due to my insane saving was a clear "daemon/machine" of the match on my side.

Another thing I wanted to test out was the alliance between the 2 chaos forces. Next time am I going to drop the horrors and Blue scribes and maby maby get a Soulgrinder and Plaguebearers instead.

* Forgefiend: My favourite in the whole Chaos SM book. Shoots like crazy, can take punishment like no other, on a good day with the dices. Loving it!!

* Typhus: Giving him telepathy (i think thats where puppetmaster is) is a great idea. Insane powers there.

* Plaguezombies: They did what I thought. Stood in the way. Holding objevtives and just being annoying.

* Plaguemarines: They didnt really do much but put in a rhino I think they are the way to go. Rock hard
against shooting, can surtenly hold their own i the assult phase.

The "fun" thing about my matches against Snuffy, as the opponent is called, is that he hits just fine with everything, wounds ok but hes saves...... what the friggin fudgepacker flopsweat???!!?!
Lets say I  make 10 wounds on 10 power armoured Grey Hunters. I´m not surprised if 4-5 models die.
Neither is he. Insane.
Next game are we going do keep track of the statistics of his saving throws.

Happy new year to you al!

torsdag 20 december 2012

I see Dark Angels coming!!

No I haven't snapped, that much. I just got news of the new freaking awesome Dark Angels.

Read more about it here http://natfka.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/dark-angels-pics-leaked-codex-and-more.html?m=1
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onsdag 19 december 2012

Upcoming battle

Space wolves vs my chaos space marine/chaos demons alliance will be fought tomorrow evening near the coastline in the north of Sweden. Yes at my house but that sounded better :-P I'll play * Typhus with 3x20 zombies * 7 plaguemarines with 2 plasmaguns Rihno * helldrake, baleflame * forgefiend with the Hades canons or plasma. Haven't decided yet * 7 havocs with 4 autocanons Demon alliance * blue scribes with 12 horrors and Channelling * 6 flamers * 6 screamers Eh I think thats that. I'll update the post if I missed anything. Peace out, war in
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onsdag 12 december 2012

A little bit zombie

First time in a while I handled my miniatures. Thought that laying a first layer on a few zombies was a good idea.

It was!!!! Love my airbrush!!!! That should be some 40 or so zombies. Got 20 almost done already. More to come...
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fredag 30 november 2012

The Plaguezombies are coming

I'm back again. Been to busy with my new job and everything around it so the hobby have been put aside. Now I'm back with a vengeance. Assembling my precious plaguezombies to my Chaos space marine army.

I also played a mini tournament last weekend and will comment on that but I'll do it this weekend. More pictures to come and let the dices be kind to you
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torsdag 1 november 2012

It's kind of alive

I've been of again this time due to well let's say health issues That haven't stoped me from painting luckily I've worked on a chaos demon, chaos space marines allies list. Typhus is a long time favourite of mine so he is an obvious choice Here are his plague zombies

And here is the first of my Noise marines

Why a vanilla marine? I like the idea of a newly "turned" Space Marine. And I got loads of them just laying around :-P
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måndag 15 oktober 2012

wORK in progress

My next project is as some know are Ork allies to my Guard One of my pieces is a slightly modified dakkajet. This is pre-wash on the metal parts. Lots to do but there it is

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torsdag 11 oktober 2012


As I wrote yesterday my eyes are seeing green. I started to paint some shoota boys and here they are. :-D

My thought is to play the orker as a detachment to my Guard for a while. Enjoy!! P.s I'm sorry for the messy writing yesterday. Dont know why it al was written together.
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onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Back from the dead

Or better put: back from the tournament. As written earlier it was a 2 day, 5 games tournament, 1999 pts with allies and fortifications. The tournament point system was to play over 20 game points. I.e. Max score in one game was 20-0 I ran my demon list you have seen posted here with pretty good results. My first game I played a scout heavy space marine list. Jump pack assault marines, master of the forge, whirlwind, missilelauncher lascanon dreadnought, razorback and lots of tacticals. I won 15-5 anyhow after deepstrike mishap my Faithweaver to death turn 2. Got to play a Necron list with a monolith, 2 banana boats (Nightscythe), 2 ghost arcs, 2 a-barges and some destroyers. It was a really tight game that I won with holding 3 out of 5 objectives and he had one. 16-4 my favour I think. Game 3 I meet a blood angel list with an aegis defence line, quadgun, 10!!! Shooty terminators with a sanguine priest (feel no pain!!) a librarian and an bike captain. Some tactical units and 2 storm ravens. My Faithweaver died turn 1 and I mishaped my blood thirster to hell. I thought. Cocked dice and I rolled misplaced... Pjuh... Another extremely tight game that ended up 10-10. He had 2 terminators, some tacticals and a rhino left. I had my demon prince, plague bearers and a pink horror squad. Slaughter!! Home to bed and sleepu like a drunk baby. Game 4 was, as always, against my team mate Robert. We ALWAYS get to fight ho round 4. He played Space Wolves with imperial guard this time. 5 thunder wolves, Lord on wolf, 2 bike runepriests, 2 grey hunter squads in rhinos, lascanon armed long fangs, primaries psyker, "naked" infantry platoons, vendetta. Odd looking list but he is a very good player so I got on my toes. Picture this. A infantry squad sees the Faithweaver swooping above them. In fright they points their flashlights to the sky, blinding the Faithweaver that crashes. A nearby rune priest chugs his Bud light and barfs Jaws of the world at the Faithweaver. Guess one time what the dice showed when I rolled it? 6. No more Faithweaver haha. I end up wiping him and winning 19-1. My last game and I'm ho a really good position to get good placing. I end up meeting another demon player and after getting a ruling on the demon rules on the screamers and flamers we get to play. Ho short is what rules the "new" demons play by. I thought, and played al tournament, that they were NOT immune to instant death while the tournament people ruled the other way. Why upset you think? You'll see... He's list was: Faithweaver, a lord of change, 5x5 plague bearers. Ok not that tough... 6x3 flamers and 3x8 screamers .... He slaughtered me... The paint fell of my models and finally he took a dump straight in my face. 0-20 and nothing I could do about it really. He had a to hard army, played to well for me to handle. Qudos!! And oh!!! I forgot to put my fiends on the table al together!!!! I suck haha He ended up 9th and I 21st place out of 80 players. Over al I'm really pleased with my list. Going to do lots of changes but for now in painting orks allies to my Guard :-D

Above: turn 2 against necrons

Turn 4-5 against Space Marines

Above. The epic battle with my Bloodthirster and Roberts Warlord took place with a rune priest as spectator

Above. Roberts, SW, turn 2

Above. The last thing that happened this tournament. My plaguebearers already in a eight with a lord of change gets assaulted by "a bunch" of Screamers. We never rolled the dice. I just gave up. Gg!!
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fredag 5 oktober 2012

Ready for the tournament

5 games total, 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. 1999 pts, allies. I'll post my final list and some pics later tonight :-D Fantastia Fanatic here we go!

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tisdag 2 oktober 2012

Can I scream....ers!!!!

There they are. My top 3 Chaos Daemon unit. Screamers. Whats left to do is highlight the eyes and finishing touches to the bone/teeth. :-D
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fredag 28 september 2012

One done a "few" to go

One model al finished and done.

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My first try at Ravenwing

My first, not complete, Ravenwing bike almost done. The base and battle damage to go. Maybe an Dark Angel transfer on the shoulder there but I dont know. I'm not that pleased by the result but it's good enough.
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tisdag 25 september 2012

First Deathwing squad ready

There you have it. My first Deathwing squad is ready for battle. My next project is a Ravenwing squad and the "small" matter of painting black armour. I got two thoughts about that. The first is tinkering with the airbrush. The second one is black case of course and a gentle highlight with adeptus battle grey and a lighter tone grey to finish the whole ting of. Pictures will be up when ready
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måndag 24 september 2012

Deathwing swamp theme

This is my al done Deathwing terminators. I might highlight the ground some more but thats it. I'm pleased with the result :-D
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söndag 23 september 2012

Deathwing sergeant

There it is. A half done Deathwing sergeant. It needs highlights on the black, red, grey and I might try out the green glaze on the robe. To the the greens together better. 2 weeks to tournament :-D
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tisdag 18 september 2012


There it is. My first Deathwing terminator close to done and ready for combat.

Here is al the colors used for my Deathwing: Base Vallejos air light brown Vallejos bonewhite (50/50 thinner) Details Citadel Mechrite red Game Color Gunmetal Black, any black will do Citadel adeptus battlegrey Citadel Macharius solar orange Citadel Khemri brown Washes/shades Earthshade wash Gryphon sepia wash Black wash I will do a real step by step tutorial now that I know how I want to paint them. Enjoy!
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The hunt has begun... Dark Angels

I painted my first terminator today just to try out the lining technique on my upcoming Dark Angel army. I think it works very well indeed.

I'll do a step by step painting "tutorial" on the upcoming army and the two first steps are as follows: A generous base coat with Vallejo air light brown al over

When dry apply game color Bonewhite thinned out 50/50 with paint thinner

Thats al for now. I'll do the whole tutorial when I'm al done painting them. Thoughts? Comments?
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söndag 16 september 2012

My Fantastia Fanatic 2012 Chaos Daemon list

I frankly forgot to type down my list in my last battle report but here it is with one change. I'll talk about it later on.

+++ 1995pts +++


+ HQ + (608pts)

    * Bloodthirster (275pts)
        Blessing of the Blood God (5pts), Death Strike (20pts)

    * Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch (333pts)

+ Elites + (288pts)

    * Fiends of Slaanesh (150pts)
        5x Fiend of Slaanesh (150pts)

    * Flamers of Tzeentch (69pts)
        3x Flamer of Tzeentch (69pts)

    * Flamers of Tzeentch (69pts)
        3x Flamer of Tzeentch (69pts)

+ Troops + (609pts)

    * Bloodletters of Khorne (160pts)
        10x Bloodletter (160pts)

    * Horrors of Tzeentch (129pts)
        Bolt of Tzeentch (10pts), 7x Pink Horror (119pts)

    * Horrors of Tzeentch (185pts)
        Bolt of Tzeentch (10pts), Changeling (5pts), 10x Pink Horror (170pts)

    * Plaguebearers of Nurgle (135pts)
        9x Plaguebearer (135pts)

+ Fast Attack + (125pts)

    * Screamers of Tzeentch (125pts)
        5x Screamer of Tzeentch (125pts)

+ Heavy Support + (365pts)

    * Daemon Prince of Chaos (205pts)
        Daemonic Flight (60pts)
        * Mark of Tzeentch (65pts)
            Breath of Chaos (30pts)

    * Soul Grinder of Chaos (160pts)
        Phlegm (25pts)

There it is. The thing I've changed ho this list is swapping out one unit of bloodletters for another unit of horrors and put Channeling in the bigger unit.

It's a pretty no brainer list to play, which suits me very well :-P

Keep the shooty stuff shooting and the close combat stuff in the opponents face. It's worked well so far :-D

Going outside to get some sun for I while then it's back to  the painting table. 

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The Horror!!

My Daemon army is al done.... but...
I wanted to try more pink horrors ho my army. Said and done.

The painting steps are simple.

1: airbrushed Vallejo air Medium brown al over

2: 45 degree airbrush with Vallejo air Flat Tan leaving the brown slightly showing making an shade effect.

3: Game color Polished gold, Citadel Rakarth flesh on teeth, feathers and claws.
Mechrite red on tounge.

4: I used lining for the first time ever. Citadel Agrax Earthshade in most gaps on the model.

5: Citadel agrax earthshade to wash the gold, white and red.

6: when dry citadel macharius solar orange highlight applied to the tounge.
Rakarth flesh to highlight the claws, teeth and feathers.

Al done but the base.
I'm pleased :-D

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fredag 14 september 2012

Battle report: Chaos Daemons vs Necrons, 1999pts

(the picture is from my turn 2)

The mission was "Annihilation" with a twist from the upcoming Fantastia Fanatic tournament october 6. Rules, in Swedish, can be found at www.fantastiaweb.se.

My opponent played Necrons.
* The Traveler in a gauss immortals unit, Cryptec and Lord to. Al this in a Nightscythe.
* 3 units of warriors, two of them in Ghostarcs. Cryptecs with haywire staff in al of them I think.
* Tesla Immortals
* C'tan with withering landscape and something else haha
* 8 scarab bases
* 2 annihilation barges

Thats it I think. He rolled the Outflank thing on the warlord traits.
He misread and I didn't read at al so we thought that he could Outflank everything not just the warlord and the squad he's with.
I rolled the +1 on my reserves roll while my warlord is alive. Very useful ;-)

He won the coin toss and was eager to let of begin so he didn't loose a round of shooting.

I got my preferred wave which was Faithweaver, Bloodthirster, demon prince,screamers and my Soulgrinder.
I he set up with everything ho the middle with 3 units in reserve. Nightscythe with the Traveler and 2 immortals units.

I landed with everything on my right-hand side of the board determined to get rid of the scarabs.
My Bloodthirster got delayed due to deep strike mishap.
It happens rather often cos I play a very in-your-face tactic.
As said I landed pretty much were I wanted and started to pound the scarabs.
The soulgrinder demonprince and faithweaver got rid of them al with some help of the screamers that turbo boosted over them and did 15 s4 hits.
The faithweaver shoot his bolt of change at the closest ghostarc, penetrated it and got it immobilized.
My fiends did a run move to get ho better position closer to the faithweaver.

Necron turn 1.
He's turn one wasn't that impressive shooting wise. 2 screamers died due to annihilation barge fire and the soulgrinder lost an hullpoint from the immobilized ghost arc and passengers.

Thanks to my warlord trait I got al of my remaining reserves on the board.
Mishap with one unit of flamers and the bloodthirster, again. The flamers was delayed and my warlord bloodthirster was destroyed!! The horror!!

I put both my bloodletters units, plaguebearers and one unit of flamers on the left-hand side of the board.
My horrors pretty much where the scarabs met their doom.
The flamers some 2" away from he's a-barge, ghost arc and the Stalker.
Got them lined up so I could shoot at the barge and ghost arc at the same time.

Everything moved closer to the metallic necron threat.
The faithweaver shoot breath and bolt of change at the immobilized ghost arc and destroyed it. He put disembarked his warriors near his baseline and the soulgrinder and horrors blasted away at them killing almost everyone.
My screamers took out the last ones with their sky slash turbo boost thing dealing out max amount of hits and over average wounds.
Flamers shoot at the a-barge and stalker taking 2 hullpoints of both of them.

In the assault phase my fiends needed a 10 to assault over the wrecked ghostarc. Rolling 11 and went flying over the wreck doing no no wounds due to his saving. I lost one fiend. Stalemate cos everyone is fearless.

Necron turn 2
He got The Traveler and friends on the board and rolled for one unit of immortals to get in there to. He forgot to put them on the table ...

The Traveler and immortals disembarked near my horrors and soulgrinder.
He moved up his Stalker to get rid of my Flamers, annihilation barge to get rid of the screamers and just moved his ghostarc a few inches.

The Traveler took control of my Soulgrinder and shoot av my horrors with phlegm and the assault 6 gun. Killing only 3 cos of my nearby Faithweaver.
The rest of the gauss immortals declared to shoot and the Changeling put an mirage of demons sneaking up behind them. Al of them shoot the crap out of them. The thing was that an 11 was rolled on the leadership test and I shoot with his squad at one of his annihilation barges and took some 7 hullpoints from it. It was a mess haha.

The stalker shoot a flames template at my flamers killing none.
Warriors shoot av my swooping faithweaver and grounded him taking a wound of him. I passed the leadership test. Pjuh!!

The Stalker assaultau my flamers wich stand and fire with their breath of chaos destroying it before it even got to swing at them.

The fiends got at it with the c'tan and lost another one. They hit and ran out of there taking position near the traveler immortals.

The faithweaver flew over the travelers immortals and vector strike one immortal to small metal pieces. Horrors took an a assault position near the same immortals (yes you read it right)

Both my bloodletters units closed in, plague bearers took a position far left on the board doing what they do best: sitting on objectives (flank control)
The soulgrinder backed away from the C'tan and the screamers moved in for the kill on the remaining a-barge.
The demon prince flew up near his base line.

In the shooting phase the faithweaver, soulgrinder and horrors halved the travelers immortals.
Flamers took out the ghostarc.
I tried to boon of mutation the traveler but failed.

Close combat was a undramatic one-sided fighting show with the fiends staring. He lost combat, failed the leadership test and ran of the board.

Necron turn 2
Immortals and warriors taking place at his base line aiming at the flamers and bloodletters.
The c'tan moved in position to assault the fiends. 
The shooting phase was a bloody story with him almost taking out one bloodletter squad and taking out my screamers. 
He's Nightscythe continued flying from right to left killing of a few bloodletters.
No close combat what I recall

Faithweaver and Fiends took position near the baseline warriors.
My plaguebearers and both squads of bloodletters walked up under his Nightscythe to get away from the shooting of it.
Both flames. Units took position to wipe out the ghost arc warriors
Ho short the faithweaver and fiends killed of the baseline warriors with shooting and assault and the flamers and prince flame-killed the other squad.

Necron turn 4
He only had the c'tan, one immortals unit and the Nightscythe left so he's turn was short. He killed some more bloodletters with the immortals and the c'tan assaulted ot demonprince I had landed the previous turn.
The assault phase was  uneventful due to poor dices from the both of us.

The scent of blood was clear.
Faithweaver vector striked one immortal, bloodletters , flamers and plaguebearers moved in on the immortals.

I shoot at the immortals with the faithweaver killing enough to make him take a leadership test. He rolled 11.... Ran of the table and we called the game.

Fun game with some misses by us rule wise, he making a few bad strategic misses and the leadership rolls. Jikes!!

Rematch next week.
I'll get pictures up later on. My blog program can only upload one picture at a time. Sigh.


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onsdag 12 september 2012

Long long long time no see

I'm back again after yet another pause due to health stuff.

I finished my Chaos Daemon army today and am thrilled to play it well actually tomorrow vs necrons.
Pictures of the army  will be up in a while.

As you who know me already know I'm nuts about the Dark Angel chapter. Voila!! A new codex is rumored to be released December.

I painted a promising candidate today.

Not finished but what do you think this far?
Angels of Redemption I think the chapter is called in an old dark angel book

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lördag 25 augusti 2012

Daemon princess of the sky

Got some paint on my flying demon prince/princess at last.
At this stage al thats left to do is highlight the red, the skin and do the base.

This far in satisfied with the result.

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torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Flamers of tzentch

One of 3 new flamers almost done. As usual I tend to take the photos in poor light conditions but there it is.
Got the base to do and some touchups.

I'll try to write the two battlereports from earlier this week tomorrow.
I got some pictures of that to but as always: hold on, they'll be up soon

War out!!

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tisdag 21 augusti 2012

Battlereport 1999pts Daemons vs Eldar

Yesterday was a gamenight vs Eldar

I ran my old daemons:
* Karios oracle of tzentch
* Lord of change, boon of mutation

* 2x3 flamers
* 5 fiends

* 2x10 bloodletters
* 5 horrors + channeling
* 15 demonettes

* flying demonprince, mark of tzentch, breath of chaos
* soulgrinder, phlegm

Eldar was something like this:
* Eldrand in waveserpent with direavengers
* direavengers ho waveserpent
* falcon with fugan and 5 diredragons
* fireprism
* 2x3 Eldar bikes
* 5 pathfinders
* 3 artillery of some sort

The game was with the Fantastia fanatic rules, www.Fantastiaweb.se, and the mission was killing fields I think it's called. Dawn of war and Killpoints that is

Eldar got first turn and boxed up real good in a coroner as seen in the first picture. He reserved a few units.

My turn one I got my preferred wave so al my greater demons, demon prince, soulgrinder, 10 bloodletters and fiends dropped down in his lap. Karios got misplaced due to a deep strike mishap and the Eldar player wisely enough put him way of on the other side of the board.
Then out came the breath of chaos and made the artillery take a panictest, failed and ran of the table. 
The faithweaver turned a guardsman into a spawn with boon of mutation and that was my first turn

Turn 2 also known as the game turn of the Rulebook. Lots of questions about everything but we cleared it al up.
The firedragons killed the soulgrinder but just about now that it gets a 5+ invulnerable save due to new rules ho the game rule book.
He shoot and shoot and shoot at my flyers but only managed to get one wound of my demon prince, then shooting up 7 bloodletters with the prism and thats about it

My turn 2 I got al of my remaining units in but one flamer unit got deep strike mishap and got delayed.

The major question this turn was my spawn and the movement and assault part of it. It's ruled a Beast but with random movement. Very very good and I'm gonna have to build a few of them thats for sure.
Lots of shooting as said but the main deal this turn was my fiends that split charged the prism and firedragons. Killing the prism and cutting down one dragon. He put al non rending saves on Feugan, 2+ save, and saved them al. Both units fearless so it's a stand of.

Turn 3 he jumped in his transports and turboboosted across the table but nowhere to hide.
The few units he had left did what they could and did it just ok.
Another draw when the fiends and firedragons had a dance of but I used hit and run to get out of the fight and open them up for my flamers that was close by.
Shooting took out the fire,dragons, some pathfinders in the corner and close in combat  10 bloodletters vs and direavengers exarch was on match for the blood thirsty demons.

Turn 4 Eldar desperately had to get some killpoints in and tried to kill of my 2 wounded flamers with missilelauncher shots and mindwar from Eldrand. The shots got saved and I I denied the witch on mindwar. ( my second 6 to deny the witch this match haha)

My turn 4 I shoot up the last direavengers, jetbike and to top it of I turned Eldrand the Eldar to a spawn haha.

Game set and match. Demon win and it was a big one.

Conclusion of this game was that demon  flying momentous creatures are a thorn, shovel, foot and a tank in the eye if you dont have anything with skyfire to take them out.

Demons have jack squat in the psychic defence department.

Fearless is to die for. No moore extra wounds if loosing close combat!!

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söndag 19 augusti 2012

Daemon update

At alast the Faithweaver and the Bloodletters are done.

As a friend said when he took a look at them "you got the friendliest looking daemons there is"
Haha I agree totally.
I'm gonna work on a list for a upcoming game this wednesday against the necron menace

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fredag 17 augusti 2012

lord of change update

I got some more paint on the model last night and this morning.

I have the base and source lightning on the eyes and hands to to next then it's done :-D

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