söndag 16 september 2012

The Horror!!

My Daemon army is al done.... but...
I wanted to try more pink horrors ho my army. Said and done.

The painting steps are simple.

1: airbrushed Vallejo air Medium brown al over

2: 45 degree airbrush with Vallejo air Flat Tan leaving the brown slightly showing making an shade effect.

3: Game color Polished gold, Citadel Rakarth flesh on teeth, feathers and claws.
Mechrite red on tounge.

4: I used lining for the first time ever. Citadel Agrax Earthshade in most gaps on the model.

5: Citadel agrax earthshade to wash the gold, white and red.

6: when dry citadel macharius solar orange highlight applied to the tounge.
Rakarth flesh to highlight the claws, teeth and feathers.

Al done but the base.
I'm pleased :-D

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