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Battle report: Chaos Daemons vs Necrons, 1999pts

(the picture is from my turn 2)

The mission was "Annihilation" with a twist from the upcoming Fantastia Fanatic tournament october 6. Rules, in Swedish, can be found at

My opponent played Necrons.
* The Traveler in a gauss immortals unit, Cryptec and Lord to. Al this in a Nightscythe.
* 3 units of warriors, two of them in Ghostarcs. Cryptecs with haywire staff in al of them I think.
* Tesla Immortals
* C'tan with withering landscape and something else haha
* 8 scarab bases
* 2 annihilation barges

Thats it I think. He rolled the Outflank thing on the warlord traits.
He misread and I didn't read at al so we thought that he could Outflank everything not just the warlord and the squad he's with.
I rolled the +1 on my reserves roll while my warlord is alive. Very useful ;-)

He won the coin toss and was eager to let of begin so he didn't loose a round of shooting.

I got my preferred wave which was Faithweaver, Bloodthirster, demon prince,screamers and my Soulgrinder.
I he set up with everything ho the middle with 3 units in reserve. Nightscythe with the Traveler and 2 immortals units.

I landed with everything on my right-hand side of the board determined to get rid of the scarabs.
My Bloodthirster got delayed due to deep strike mishap.
It happens rather often cos I play a very in-your-face tactic.
As said I landed pretty much were I wanted and started to pound the scarabs.
The soulgrinder demonprince and faithweaver got rid of them al with some help of the screamers that turbo boosted over them and did 15 s4 hits.
The faithweaver shoot his bolt of change at the closest ghostarc, penetrated it and got it immobilized.
My fiends did a run move to get ho better position closer to the faithweaver.

Necron turn 1.
He's turn one wasn't that impressive shooting wise. 2 screamers died due to annihilation barge fire and the soulgrinder lost an hullpoint from the immobilized ghost arc and passengers.

Thanks to my warlord trait I got al of my remaining reserves on the board.
Mishap with one unit of flamers and the bloodthirster, again. The flamers was delayed and my warlord bloodthirster was destroyed!! The horror!!

I put both my bloodletters units, plaguebearers and one unit of flamers on the left-hand side of the board.
My horrors pretty much where the scarabs met their doom.
The flamers some 2" away from he's a-barge, ghost arc and the Stalker.
Got them lined up so I could shoot at the barge and ghost arc at the same time.

Everything moved closer to the metallic necron threat.
The faithweaver shoot breath and bolt of change at the immobilized ghost arc and destroyed it. He put disembarked his warriors near his baseline and the soulgrinder and horrors blasted away at them killing almost everyone.
My screamers took out the last ones with their sky slash turbo boost thing dealing out max amount of hits and over average wounds.
Flamers shoot at the a-barge and stalker taking 2 hullpoints of both of them.

In the assault phase my fiends needed a 10 to assault over the wrecked ghostarc. Rolling 11 and went flying over the wreck doing no no wounds due to his saving. I lost one fiend. Stalemate cos everyone is fearless.

Necron turn 2
He got The Traveler and friends on the board and rolled for one unit of immortals to get in there to. He forgot to put them on the table ...

The Traveler and immortals disembarked near my horrors and soulgrinder.
He moved up his Stalker to get rid of my Flamers, annihilation barge to get rid of the screamers and just moved his ghostarc a few inches.

The Traveler took control of my Soulgrinder and shoot av my horrors with phlegm and the assault 6 gun. Killing only 3 cos of my nearby Faithweaver.
The rest of the gauss immortals declared to shoot and the Changeling put an mirage of demons sneaking up behind them. Al of them shoot the crap out of them. The thing was that an 11 was rolled on the leadership test and I shoot with his squad at one of his annihilation barges and took some 7 hullpoints from it. It was a mess haha.

The stalker shoot a flames template at my flamers killing none.
Warriors shoot av my swooping faithweaver and grounded him taking a wound of him. I passed the leadership test. Pjuh!!

The Stalker assaultau my flamers wich stand and fire with their breath of chaos destroying it before it even got to swing at them.

The fiends got at it with the c'tan and lost another one. They hit and ran out of there taking position near the traveler immortals.

The faithweaver flew over the travelers immortals and vector strike one immortal to small metal pieces. Horrors took an a assault position near the same immortals (yes you read it right)

Both my bloodletters units closed in, plague bearers took a position far left on the board doing what they do best: sitting on objectives (flank control)
The soulgrinder backed away from the C'tan and the screamers moved in for the kill on the remaining a-barge.
The demon prince flew up near his base line.

In the shooting phase the faithweaver, soulgrinder and horrors halved the travelers immortals.
Flamers took out the ghostarc.
I tried to boon of mutation the traveler but failed.

Close combat was a undramatic one-sided fighting show with the fiends staring. He lost combat, failed the leadership test and ran of the board.

Necron turn 2
Immortals and warriors taking place at his base line aiming at the flamers and bloodletters.
The c'tan moved in position to assault the fiends. 
The shooting phase was a bloody story with him almost taking out one bloodletter squad and taking out my screamers. 
He's Nightscythe continued flying from right to left killing of a few bloodletters.
No close combat what I recall

Faithweaver and Fiends took position near the baseline warriors.
My plaguebearers and both squads of bloodletters walked up under his Nightscythe to get away from the shooting of it.
Both flames. Units took position to wipe out the ghost arc warriors
Ho short the faithweaver and fiends killed of the baseline warriors with shooting and assault and the flamers and prince flame-killed the other squad.

Necron turn 4
He only had the c'tan, one immortals unit and the Nightscythe left so he's turn was short. He killed some more bloodletters with the immortals and the c'tan assaulted ot demonprince I had landed the previous turn.
The assault phase was  uneventful due to poor dices from the both of us.

The scent of blood was clear.
Faithweaver vector striked one immortal, bloodletters , flamers and plaguebearers moved in on the immortals.

I shoot at the immortals with the faithweaver killing enough to make him take a leadership test. He rolled 11.... Ran of the table and we called the game.

Fun game with some misses by us rule wise, he making a few bad strategic misses and the leadership rolls. Jikes!!

Rematch next week.
I'll get pictures up later on. My blog program can only upload one picture at a time. Sigh.


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