måndag 21 april 2014

Plasticard ftw

This weekend filed with easter eggs and stomach flu made my hobbying non existing.

All is better now so I'll try to convert my 3 imperial guard scout sentinels to armored sentinels.
Should be pretty straight forward but we all know how that it.

Wyvern.. Enough said. I love the model. I love the bombardment it puts out so I ordered 2 turrets from Puppetwar just now.
Can't wait for them to get here AND to try them out.

Pics will be put up here shortly when I get some work done.

Over and out

onsdag 16 april 2014

Almost 40k..

A friend has been pushing me to start playing Blood bowl again.

I had an Ork team way back in the day. Mid 90is I think.
Damn I'm getting old haha

Anyway I asked my friend what gteam is cheapest money wise.
Mid sentence he said Skaven.

So skaven it is. I bought a box of night runners or what they are called, found a rat ogre in my dark eldar box and I'm set.

Here are my rat ogre and one gutter runner step by step.

I'm almost done with em. Just need to put a satin varnish on them, give them numbers and color code the base (don't know why but my friend said I should do it :p)

Over and out

tisdag 15 april 2014

50 shades if Grey knights

I found some pictures of some Grey knights I painted up a white ago.

These were actuary my first attempt in cork bases.

Simple airbrush affects and a lovely end result. I'm pleased.
Just waiting for my Dread knight so I can start on that too.

Next up. More Eldar and maby some tau crisis suits I found laying around

lördag 12 april 2014


There they are.
My first 5 dire avengers ready to get some paint on them.

Back from the warp

"I've was just but now I'm found.... "
That was a line in a song long ago.

I thought it was an appropriate title for my return to the big word.

Lots of stuff life and hobby wise has happend if course but you guys are mostly interested in the painting part of it I guess so we'll drive straight into it then.

I started repainting my tyranid army:

I got sidetracked as usual and painted up an Dark Eldar army:

While painting that one the dark gods took over me and I painted done CSM:

After that small project was done I was left in limbo.
Until I discovered... Eldar.. Yupp Eldar
So here are my almost finished eldar guardians. Some step by step..

I'll be updating a little better from now on I hope.
Over and out