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Chaos alliance vs Space Wolves

So after a long long pause from gaming I finally got me a match against my favorite player to play against.
Why I like to play against him is because he things in a way I´m not used to i.e makes it a real challenge to

So to the game itself

I put an Chaos space marines and Chaos daemons alliance to the table.

3x 20 zombies
7 Plague marines  with 2 plasmaguns and champion with gift of chaos. Al in a rhino (chimera on the pictures)
7 Havocs with 4 autocannons. (The pink marines are the autocannons)
Forgefiend with hades autocannons and a plasma upgrade (the Tervigon in the pictures)
Helldrake with Baleflame (Vendetta in pictures)

Blue scribes (A necron destoyer in pictures)
The Masques
15 horrors with Changelling
6 screamers
6 Flamers

Space Wolves
From memory I get:
3 longfang units with 5 Missile launchers in each
15 man Blood claws with 2 flamers and a Wolfpriest with Saga of the hunter
Rune priest with divination
Grey hunters
5 man strong Terminator wolf guard
2 Razorbacks
I think thats that but you will see in pictures if I forgot anything.

The mission was 6 objectives but the worth of them hidden until first player plays.
We got the tricky setup (you see in the pictures) and night fighting.
Line breaker, first blood and Warlord was secondary objectives

Al pictures are taken on top of every game turn. I know I should have taken one at set up and the rest at bottom of every game turn. Lesson learned but bare with me
I had won the dice roll for who starts the game. He stole the initiative
He held the blood claws, Wolf priest and 2 units of Grey hunters in reserv.
I held 20 zombies and of course the Daemons started of table.

First turn was pretty lame killing wise due to the night fighting. Half of Typhus unit died due to massive missile launcher frag shooting. Al would have been dead if not due to night fighting and their wonderful feel no pain.
He held his ground with everything but the razorback moving up to use his searchlight to light up my forgefiend. The Grey hunters moved closer to my lines as well.
Forgefiend with the awesome Daemon rule (5+ invo save). More of that to come.

My turn was equally unimpressive. Killing one or two Grey Hunters but al zombies, plaguemarines and forgefiend pushed forward.
Oh  I watched the picture after typing this.
Not that unimpressive. My Horrors almost scatterd of the table  but just made it.
My Screamers (of picture sad to say) landed far left and did their "drive bye" on the Long fangs top left leaving one wolf guard and one missile launcher alive. Awesome!

Space Wolves turn 2
Like an annoying insect most long fangs aimed at the Screamers. So did the Grey Hunters boosted with the primaris divination power (re-roll to hit) but i took my 4+ cover saves like there were no tomorrow.
Only 3 Screamers died.
The Long fangs in top of picture AND the Razorback with twin-lascannon fired everything at my Forgefiend. there might even have been some stones thrown to.
What glanced and penetrated I pretty much took al but one of my invo saves. One hull point lost.
The Blood claws entered the battle from far right in the picture. Spreading out as much as possible hoping my Helldrake would not come from reserves.
The killed one of my Havocs.

Daemon alliance turn 2

None of my reserves showed up....
Yes I forgot my 20 zombies to ha ha.

I continued my advance with everything. Typhus Plaguezombies went to meet up with his Lonewolf, Typhus joined the Plaguemarines instead.
Forgefiend was trapped between a rock and a hard place but choose to face the Blood claws, Plaguezombies advanced toward the Wolf Guard Terminators.
My screamers on the far left had a new mission and that was the big unit of Longfangs.

Shooting oh so important shooting.
First of Typhus cast Puppet master on the Grey hunters and the Rune priest missed the deny the witch roll.
The Hunters unable to control themselves aimed at the Long fangs with everything they got. Pulverised them due do my friends insanely poor saving. Some 6 failed on 3+ out of 10 saves or something like that.
Something else shoot at them to and they al died.

Space Wolves turn 3

Things were at the tip of an edge at this point. Witch way would the game go..
He rolled for reserves and got a 10 man strong unit of Grey Hunters, 2 meltaguns,  in putting them top right behind the hut.
The lonewolf moved up to charge the Plague marines. The unit consisting of the Runepriest and the lone Grey Hunter split up and moved to assult the flamers.
Terminator Wolf Guard continued moving towards the plaguezombies and Forgefiend.

Shooting. The combined fire of the Longfang and wolf guard top left and a split fire from the other Longfang unit took my Screamers out.
The rest of the Long fangs and razorback continued shooting at the Forgefiend. He continued to hit, rolling poor for penetration and I saved the ones that came trough. Al but one.. 2 HP down one to go.

The Lonewolf didnt make it to the Plague marines

Chaos alliance turn 3

Reserves. Everything but my zombies showed up.
The Masque and the Helldrake took position to fire at the Blood claws
Flamers landing i a great position hoped for the Blue scribes to get good Pavaane of Slaanesh rolls on the nearby Grey Hunters when time came.

My zombies took aim for the Lonewolf, horrors moving toward the top left objective and to get the Blue Scribes and Changeling into position. Far right zombies took position to assult the Blood Claws OR the Wolf Guard terminators. A huge mistake I made but well there it is.

Blue scribes hit with Pavaane of Slaanesh..  how far? dice hopping and rolling on the plastic table..... 6.. I pee a little and my friend mutters something like "what the freaking fudge" ok I censored it a bit.
I made a very nice cone infront of my flamers and they killed every Grey hunter but one.. and the Rune priest.
Typhus cast Puppet Master on the Long fangs on the building near his table edge.
No deny the witch so I split the fire so that 3 missile launchers shoot at the Grey hunters far right praying to the dark gods while saying "focused fire". I needed 3 kills to get him to take a morale test.
The other ones shoot at the Runepriest but did nothing.
Back to the Long fangs and Grey Hunters story.... 3 hits... wounding on 2s.. al wounded and they died..
We almost forgot to roll the morale but he did in the beginning of his turn 4.. leadership 9... roll of 11 i think.
They ran of the table... frustration clearly showing on my opponent and I sure cant blame him.
Dices were not his allies today.

The Maseque shoot 3 times with Paavane of.. at the Blood Claws to be sure to hit them. Hit she/he did but only some 3" but its better than 1.
The Helldrake shoot and killed 4 Bloodclaws, Forgefiend killed another 2.

Plaguezombies assults the Lonewolf and the zombie-sergant mumbling something about a challenge.
He dies, hard fast and not very nice at al.

Space wolves turn 4

He got his last reserves in. Razorback with 5 grey hunters in it. They entered taking position to shoot at the Forgefiend.

He moved his 2 longfangs  to claim an objective.
The Runepriest and Grey Hunter split up and lined up to assult the flamers.
Wolf Guard Terminators lined up to assult the Plaguezombies and the Blood claws went after the Havocs.

Shooting. Bloodclaws shoot at the Havocs killing another one.
Pretty much the rest of the army shoot at the Forgefiend. Missing and I saving EVERYTHING!!! The Forgefiend was truly blessed eeeh.. well.. truly favoured by the Chaos goods today.

Hes WG Terminators assulted my plaguezombies. My zombie sergant shouted challenge (as I have to do)
The Blood claws made it a short story with the Havocs.
He did actually try to split charge into the Forgefiend to but he wouldnt have been able to keep coherency so well the Havocs died as written. He rolled some 2" on the post assult move. (i forgot the word :s)

The Lonewolf died due to yet another poor saving session of my friend.

The Grey Hunter and Runepriest assulted the flamers. Making the Grey Hunter assult first and take the overwatch punishment. He did.
The Runepriest killed of one Flamer with his deamon slaying weapon (always wonding on 2+)

Daemon alliance turn 4

Moving and reserves
I put my Helldrake in Hoover mode, took position and hoped that the Masque would hit and roll high with her/his Paavane of Slaanesh roll.

My Forgefiend took cover behind a huge tree so that the Longfangs couldnt see it.

Oh!! I rememberd my plaguezombies and they came in from reserves bottom right in picture heading for the objective.
Horrors moving up to take out the remaining Longfang and Wolf Guard near the far left objective.
Zombies, Plaguemarines and Typhus advanced in the middle.

 My Forgefiend shoot up the Razorback that came from reserve.

The Masque hit with Paavane and well.. a 6 came up so I put them al in a perfect cone for my Helldrake to shoot at them.
EVERYBODY was hit. Killing everybody but the Wolfpriest... insane combo.. and dices to..

The lone Runepriest kills another Flamer and the WG Terminators kill of a bunch of zombies.

My Forgefiend recovers a hull point due to It will not die.

Gameturn 5

After discussing a bit we call the game with me having first blood, line breaker 4 of 6 objectives.

Post game:
To sum up the game in big.
My goal with this match was to put Typhus, Plaguezombies, Forgefiend and Plaguemarines to the test.
The Forgefiende due to my insane saving was a clear "daemon/machine" of the match on my side.

Another thing I wanted to test out was the alliance between the 2 chaos forces. Next time am I going to drop the horrors and Blue scribes and maby maby get a Soulgrinder and Plaguebearers instead.

* Forgefiend: My favourite in the whole Chaos SM book. Shoots like crazy, can take punishment like no other, on a good day with the dices. Loving it!!

* Typhus: Giving him telepathy (i think thats where puppetmaster is) is a great idea. Insane powers there.

* Plaguezombies: They did what I thought. Stood in the way. Holding objevtives and just being annoying.

* Plaguemarines: They didnt really do much but put in a rhino I think they are the way to go. Rock hard
against shooting, can surtenly hold their own i the assult phase.

The "fun" thing about my matches against Snuffy, as the opponent is called, is that he hits just fine with everything, wounds ok but hes saves...... what the friggin fudgepacker flopsweat???!!?!
Lets say I  make 10 wounds on 10 power armoured Grey Hunters. I´m not surprised if 4-5 models die.
Neither is he. Insane.
Next game are we going do keep track of the statistics of his saving throws.

Happy new year to you al!

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