torsdag 9 augusti 2012

Tyranid... no Terminator

I've been al up in my Nidz bubble for a while now but after searching trough my bitz for some missile launchers for his SW Long Fangs we found 30 or so terminators.

I took out my precious airbrush and got to it:
* Vallejo ink Black ink base coat
* Vallejo Air medium sea grey first highlight
* Vallejo wolf grey second highlight
Those 3 steps are al done with the airbrush. Following steps are done with a brush

* Everything green is done with Vallejo Scorpion green
* The white steps are done with Citadel Rakarth flesh

* Shade/wash step is done with Citadel Badab black

Final steps:
* A fade airbrush is applied to the  power claws with Game color Lively green

Al done.
Took me some 30 min or so and I'm pleased. I'm going to paint a few termies to support my Imperial Guard

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