fredag 30 mars 2012

Thoughts about the Hive mind

I got a mail saying my tyranid "drop pods" have been sent my way.

Started thinking about an al droppod tyranid army.  Talked to my friend in Skellefteå  and he has a friend that is playing an 8 strong droppod list


A winged hivetyrant with "hive commander" ability.


2x2 zoanthrops in droppod

Doom of Malan'tai in pod


2x15 devilgaunts (termagaunts with devourers) in pod

2x10 genestealers with broodlord


3 carnifex with twin-devourers in pod

Thats what I remember about what he talked about.

Sounds like kind of a cool list to play.

Drop down in the lap of the opponent and hope for the best best.

Anyhow I have a hockey game to attend (ok watching it on tv) so painting will have to wait again.

Later folks!

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