måndag 28 maj 2012

My list for the evening

Here you have my list for the evening. While typing it down I see a few point tweaks I can do
but the can stay in for now

My plan is to in round 1 burrow with my Mawloc so I can get it where i want it in turn 2

My Tervigons starts to spawn Termagaunts to stay behind and hold my objectives.
Their second job is to give feel no pain to my Tervigon Prime and my Gargoyles.

The gargoyles are set up as a screen to give most of my army coversaves

Genestealers is outflanking

My Harpy and Tyranofex starts to shoot out transports

there my thinking ends.. after this I well kinda wing it ha ha

see ya!

2000pt Tyranids 5th Ed (2010) Roster (Standard)


HQ (270pts)

Hive Tyrant (270pts)

Psyker, Shadow in the Warp, Synapse Creature

Adrenal Glands (10pts), Bonded Exoskeleton, Leech Essence, Psychic Scream, 2x Twin-linked Devourers with Brainleech Worms (30pts), Wings (60pts)

Elites (140pts)

The Doom of Malan'tai (140pts)
 Mycetic Spore (50pts)
Cluster Spines (10pts)

Troops (621pts)

Genestealer Brood (126pts) 9x Genestealer (126pts)

Termagant Brood (70pts) 14x Termagant (70pts)

Termagant Brood (75pts) 15x Termagant (75pts)

Tervigon (175pts)

Catalyst (15pts) Cluster Spines, Dominion

Tervigon (175pts)

Catalyst (15pts) Cluster Spines, Dominion
Fast Attack (290pts)

Gargoyle Brood (120pts) 20x Gargoyle (120pts)

Harpy (170pts)

 Twin-linked Heavy Venom Cannon (10pts)
Heavy Support (675pts)

Mawloc (170pts)

Trygon (240pts)

 Scything Talons (two sets), Upgrade to Trygon Prime (40pts)

Tyrannofex (265pts)

 Rupture Cannon (15pts), Thorax Swarm with Electroshock Grubs

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