torsdag 5 juli 2012

6th edition first game

So my first 6th ed game were played yesterday.
My tyranids vs Pers Necrons

I had a 5th ed list very monstrous creature heavy.

1999 points
Hive tyrant, 2+ save, twin-brainleach devourers

Parasite of Mortrex

2x Hive guard

2x12 termagaunts
2x Tervigon,catalyst and adrenal gland
4 ripper swarms

20 gargoyles, toxin sacks

Harpy, twin-heavy venom canon

Trygon, regeneration
TYranofex, rupture canon

Per had
2x destroyer lords, mindshackle scarabs, 2+save

10 warriors in ghost arc
2x 10 immortals
3x annihilation barges
3 heavy destroyers
5 scarab bases
5 Pretorians
3 wraiths, whip coils
Triarchstalker heavy gauss canon

There it is. We rolled mission and it was The emperors will. I.e.2 objectives + first blood, slay the warlord, line breaker
Setup was vanguard strike

I went first and set up on the front line with everything. Figuring that he shoots harder than me, doh!! Necrons, and but I hit harder in cc than him.

In short the first game turn ended up with me penetrating one a-barge with my harpy but he made the cover save.
He in return shoot up half my gargoyles. They had feel no pain and did sure need it.  They got pounded good!!

Turn two from my side was very unimpressive due to bad shooting and good saves on his side. My mawloc burrowed up hitting 3 units. A-barge, immortals and a lord in a pretorian unit. Rolling poorly but it's no excuse

I got to use the new psychic powers on his other lord in a wraiths unit. I took the biomancy genre and got enfeeble one. -1 t and s on that unit. Awesome.
So in my shooting phase I got to shoot at that unit with my termagaunts scoring wounds on 3+ due to majority T rule. Awesome!!

In short did the game play out something like this:

Necrons slowly advancing and tesla shoot me to hell. Me on the other hand replenishing my numbers with over 50 new termagaunts during the game. Would have been moore but I ran out of models ha ha

It ended up per winning with 6-0. He took his objective, drew first blood, killed my general (if I remember correct he killed himself due to the mindshackle scarabs)

My conclusion of this game and 6th ed is:
* I need to start building competitive lists again
* Shooting is gonna play an even bigger role ho this edition
* close combat with lots of different initiative and wound allocation will ad greatly to the a average game time
* 2+ armour save and fearless units in cc is the shit when the power weapon got nerfed

Looking forward to my next game when I will bring out my imperial guard again.

Enjoy folks. In the near future there is only WAR!!!

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