söndag 1 juli 2012

it is done

Al done!!

1: airbrushed the whole tank with heavily watered down dheneb stone (my last pot :-S)

2: used "markerings tejp" and cover al but the tracks then airbrushed them using Game color Gunmetal
Painted the demolisher canon and lascanon with the same color but with a brush.

3: I used the new gw earthshade shade (wash) for shading.
Not the whole model but only in creases and on bolts sticking out and around hatches.
Lining is the technical term I think.
Washed al metal parts heavily with Earthshade

4: Used the tape, "markerings tejp", and covered the sides and rear leaving a straight line visible for the upcoming airbrush.
Painting the red with airbrush, color Italian red with Vallejos air paint.

5: battle damage was painted first chaos black and then gunmetal leaving some black showing.

6: The transfers were cut out, put in water, applied on the tank using  tweezers.
When dry I used some Flames of war Decal softener to fix the transfer some more.

One tank from base to finish in some 4 hours or so.

Enjoy and paint well

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