lördag 28 juli 2012

Tyranids vs Eldar 1999pts

Hi there folks. Ive been busy with life these last weeks but Im almost back on track again.
I had a game against a friend some weeks ago. This was my friends first 6th ed game so
he wanted to test out as many diffrent things as possible.

Below you have our setup and as seen in the picture it was very clear what my
tyranids had in mind for this game. In-your-face was the strategy and I wanted
to try out the biomancy psychic powers as much as possible. I put them on al my psych-casters
but with Eldrand on the oposite side of the table I had a very hard time getting the powers through.

In short the first gaming round didnt excite anybody but my oponent when in got perils of the warp on AL of my psych-casters due to Eldrands really ugly rule. (I had to do my psych-casting with 3d6 rather than 2 and every score of 12 or more was automaticly a perils of the warp)

I kept on moving up and trying to get in close but he kept on moving away, besides with his Harlequins in the middle (howling banshees for models).

The picture below shows the 4th turn of gaming i think.
Hes Wraithlord locked in combat with 2 units of termagaunts with a toxin sac boosted Tervigon just a few inches away giving the units Poison attacks. I laughed about it but the T8 Wraithlord was not that amused ha ha.

Some things I picked up this game is that the old bubble-wrap way of playing still works BUT you have to be more precise how you line up your models and check distanses pretty much al the time.
Hope the pictures say something because my memory is fucked up and I cant rememeber really what happend when in this game ha ha.
My bad and I have to start writing my battle reports directly after playing the games.


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