torsdag 5 juli 2012


After the humiliating defeat yesterday I went to town on my tyranid list. Read the 6th rule book and an idea was born ho the shape of dual Carnifexes with scything talons.

The thought is to hive them feel no pain from my 2 tervigons and then start the run across the field
They should ad able to take the punishment they will receive. In theory that is

The list is some 179 pts short and I'm out of ideas :-S

The list thus far is:

Hive tyrant, 2+ save, lash whip + bone sword, heavy venomcanon

2x2 Hive guards

2x15 termagaunts
2x Tervigons, catalyst, toxin sacs

Trygon prime
Tyranofex, rupture canon
2x Carnifex

Thats it. Ideas?

Oh yeah. This is the new Carnifexes I repainted

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2 kommentarer:

  1. Tyrant Guards?

  2. I was thinking of that to Per.
    Maybe one Tyrant Guard and 5 Ymgdral genestealers. I have a game tomorrow evening and I might try the t-guard there