onsdag 18 juli 2012

A roundup of the past week

I've been of the blog for a week or so. It doesn't mean that I've been lazy painting or gaming.

As seen in the pictures I've painted 2 hive guards and a hive tyrann. Just basing to go then al done.

Not shown ho the pictures is the growing numbers of termagaunts that im painting. Sigh. It never ends!! Haha

Got a game vs Eldar tomorrow and the list I'm starting with is:

Hive tyrann, 2+ save, old adversary, 2x brainleach devourers + tyrann guard

2x2 hive guards
Doom of Malan'tai + pod

3 x11 termagaunts
3 x tervigon, toxin sacs, 3x psychic powers (probably biomancy)

3x Carnifex, 2x brainleach devourers

1990 pts

Keeping the termagaunts as a meat wall so my shooters can do their thing in their own pace

Simple enough but should work

Pictures from the game coming up later on

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